Our Story begins with visions of Vietnam – filled with vivacious energy of its people in a place notable for it’s timeless charm. Vietnam carries a beautiful culture where every individual contributes to bringing food to the table. Whether it’s a parent’s hard labor, or children running to market for the freshest ingredients direct from locals or a grandmother gathering produce in her very own garden brings light to the lifestyle of Vietnamese cuisine. Natural fresh foods and farm to table concept offers an entirely different meaning here at Nom Nom. For us, it involves bringing together a sense of community complete with a place to break bread with friends and family to introduce the Vietnamese traditions through our refreshing farm to table experience in an authentic and healthy way.

Our food focus is banh-mi sandwich, spring rolls, rice bowls, noodle bowls, and salad bowls with homemade sauces paired to go well with our traditional and non-traditional ingredients. Have fun and create your own masterpiece tailored to your taste and experience. We hope you enjoy the food we bring to you from our home country! View our Menu!